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GIFA (Geneva Infant Feeding Association) operates since more than 40 years for the protection, promotion and support of breastfeeding.

GIFA is a non profit organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland. GIFA is also the international liaison office for IBFAN (International Baby Food Action Network) which counts 270 groupes and is present in 168 countries worldwide. This video of 7 minutes introduces you to IBFAN’s history and current activities. It was realized on the occasion oft the the celebration for the 40 years of the International Code international en 2021.

Our principles and values

GIFA, as well as all groups of the IBFAN network, adopts the 7 guiding principles of IBFAN and does not receive finances, donations or presents in any form from the baby food industry or any other company not conform with the International Code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes.


GIFA’s activities and functioning are mainly financed by government and non-governmental development grants for the entire IBFAN network. Other sources of income include membership contributions, publication income, as well as short-term grants for specific activities (research, publications, conferences).

Your donation is be very valuable, thank you in advance!

IBFAN and GIFA members are committed to not receiving, in any form whatsoever, any funding, donation or gift from the infant food industry.

Statutes and Financial Reports

Executive Committee (2022)

  • Robert Peck, President
  • Cyril Ritchie, Vice-President,
  • Bernard Nyffenegger, Treasurer

Become a member

By becoming an individual or institutional member of our GIFA association, you receive our publications regularly and free of charge, and you can participate in our annual General Assembly. IBFAN and GIFA members are committed to not receiving any form of funding, donations or gifts from the baby and infant food industry. To become a member, fill out the form at the bottom of our website or contact us at info@gifa.org.