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Over 40 years of commitment

GIFA was established in 1979 as the first office of the IBFAN network. Since its creation, GIFA has been committed to defending a policy in favor of breastfeeding and to fighting, in Switzerland and in other parts of the world, against commercial practices that could be detrimental to it.

Founded in 1979, IBFAN consists of more than 270 institutional members from some 168 countries around the world in 8 regions. These groups are independent and work in accordance with national needs. All IBFAN member groups strive to prevent conflicts of interest and maintain their independence. For this reason, they are committed to not receiving any funding, donations or gifts from the infant food industry, in any form whatsoever.


This film of 7 minutes was shown at the Commemoration Ceremony for the 40 years of the International Code in 2021 sums up IBFAN’s activity and advocacy.

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