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Tuesday 22 novembre, 1 -3 pm “Après-midi allaitement” Conference – workshop in Frenche, organised by GIFA, online (zoom) about Breastfeeding support in a Paediatrician Practice. e-log labels ASCL, ASI, FSSF.

Thursday, Décembre 1, 2022, Freins de langue, EISL Institut européen, différentes dates de formation https://www.stillen-institut.com/fr/

GIFA video tutorial

GIFA offers you a 15-minute film on the 5 most common breastfeeding problems. Knowing these problems helps to support the mother and avoid a premature end to breastfeeding.


Videos on Breastfeeding

Training institutions – new CAS

WHO FAQ 2020 – roles and responsibilities of Health workers

Archives of events


  • Monday afternoon 12 Sept and Friday morning 16 Sept: SMAM stand at the HUG University Hospitals in Geneva (entrance hall of the Maternity Ward)
  • Wednesday 21 Sept, SMAM conference at the CHUV in Lausanne. Stand up for breastfeeding
  • For the Swiss Agenda, see also the website of the Foundation for Breastfeeding Promotion Switzerland. You can subscribe to the InfoPost and receive all the news by email.