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In a USA Citizen’s Petition filed today, children’s health advocates are ramping up pressure on FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to curb the rapidly growing sales of so-called ‘transition formulas’ or ‘toddler milks,’ which they say offer “no unique nutritional value,” threaten the health of young children and could cause “potential economic harm to families.”


In Europe, EFSA (European Food Safety Agency) statet already in October 2013 that toddler milks or “growing up formulas” were considered as “no additional value”….

The use of milk-based “growing-up” formula does not bring additional value to a balanced diet in meeting the nutritional requirements of young children in the European Union, EFSA has said. EFSA’s scientific experts could identify “no unique role” for young-child formula (commonly called “growing-up formula”) in the diet of young children (those aged 1-3), concluding that it is no more effective in providing nutrients than other foods that constitute the normal diet of young children. The findings are contained in EFSA’s Scientific Opinion on nutrient requirements and dietary intakes of infants and young children in the European Union, requested by the European Commission.


See also the key words GUM for Grow up milk, FOF for Follow up Formula.