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“Come to the Table” (formerly The Taste Week) is an initiative of the Canton of Geneva to promote the motto “From field to plate – eating locally and in season”. Food is fundamental to health. We develop a taste for food from an early age. And did you know? Breastfeeding plays an important role in developing taste!

  • Breast milk has a taste and flavour that varies according to what the mother eats. It is not a standard flavour; on the contrary, morning, noon and night, and depending on the season, breast milk has a taste that changes. And because the taste buds in a child’s mouth are so sensitive, breast milk gives them a feast of flavours.
  • Breast milk is a local, fresh, balanced food that comes in a friendly “package”, the mother’s breast.
  • There’s no loss, no waste, no transport – it’s a sustainable food (greenfeeding!) par excellence – and it’s a pleasure to eat, just watching a baby suckle.
  • As well as being tasty, breast milk contains living elements to help maintain a healthy microbiota, protect the baby and build up its immune system: hormones and antibodies, maternal stem cells and human oligosaccharides, etc.

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