Accueil > Actualités > IBFAN-ICDC denounces Nestlé’s violation of the International Code in a BEBA videoclip

A Nestlé Beba Pro 2 video clip found on a Swiss internet broadcast site aimed at Frenchspeaking consumers promotes the product as containing « Protect-plus » formulation to reinforce babies immune system.

The ad begins with several babies crying and a voice-over explaining that when babies do that, it is a sign telling us they are unwell and an indication that they need protection. A Nestlé Beba Pro 2 packshot then appears with a ‘Protect-plus’ logo showing its main ingredients with the message that the product, modelled on breastmilk, protects them from little disagreements. The video ends with images of happy babies and the statement “because babies have so much to tell us when they feel good! Beba, speak baby”.

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